It is with great pride that, at the last convention, I accepted the chairmanship of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (QMEA). Since 1976, it is through the will of the artisans of the sector (prospectors, geologists, geophysicists, entrepreneurs, developers and exploration directors) that it works to increase the scope of their activities and supports the development of Quebec mining entrepreneurship. 

The mission of the QMEA is to promote the sustainable and responsible exploration of Quebec's mineral resources and their essential contribution to the Quebec economy. Our main concern is to improve the overall regulatory and legislative framework that governs our operations so that it is adapted to the economic reality of our sector. To achieve this, our business environment must be predictable, stable, efficient and supported by a competitive and flexible tax framework.

Over the next few years, our main challenges will be to ensure that the explorers maintain access to the territory through a conciliation of usage approach, to reduce delays in the processing of authorizations, and to ensure the effectiveness of tax incentives supporting exploration.

This will be articulated by the development of infrastructure, the establishment of harmonious relationships with the communities, and a concern for exploring while minimizing the impact of our activities. We must continue to foster the development of expertise and technologies through innovation while ensuring the maintenance of a qualified and available workforce, including in northern Quebec.

Through its activities, the QMEA strives to maintain an environment conducive to business development by promoting exchanges between the various stakeholders in the industry and by offering opportunities for continuing education and knowledge acquisition. This is achieved mainly through quality events such as Xplor, held each year in October in Montreal and Explo-Abitibi, in the spring in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

In order to ensure the development of our mineral resources, the QMEA is committed to collaborating with the various bodies and proposing solutions that take into account the reality of our sector of activity. In this way, we will value the responsible exploration of our resources and ensure the vitality of our Quebec mineral industry.