Every year, the AEMQ recognizes and honors the dynamism and entrepreneurship of individuals and companies involved in the development of Quebec’s mining exploration industry by giving different prices during its Recognition Awards held at Xplor.

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Deadline: July 19th, 2019

Annual awards for corporate members            Individual prizes awarded on merit          
 Discovery of the year
 Hector Authier Award
 Entrepreneur of the year
 Jean Descarreaux Award
 Services company of the year
 Leadership in economic contribution to mineral exploration Award
 Excellence in Sustainable Development Award
 Nicolas-Denys Medal

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Discovery of the Year 2018

Bonterra Resources - Gladiator project

This award is given to highlight the importance of a recent discovery that produced a significant ripple effect on exploration activities with regards to both the property itself and the surrounding area.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

Équipe exploration Agnico Eagle

This award highlights the work of an entrepreneur or a team of entrepreneurs whose company has made significant progress over the past year. This progress can be related to the development of a specific project or to the overall activities of the company.


Service Company of the Year 2018

IOS Services Géoscientifiques

This award highlights the work of a service company that, through the development and expansion of its services, has significantly contributed to the development of mineral exploration in Quebec or elsewhere.

Excellence in Sustainable Development 2018


This award recognizes a company for its high level in sustainable develpment.


Hector-Authier Award 2018

Mr. Glenn Mullan

This award recognizes the career of an individual who, through many years of hard work, has significantly contributed to the development of mining entrepreneurship in Quebec.

Jean-Descarreaux Award 2018

Mr. Michel Jébrak

This award highlights the work of an individual whose writings have helped expand geoscience knowledge related to mineral exploration, thereby generating an increase in exploration activities.

Nicolas Denys Medal 2018

Mr. Michel Bélisle

This award highlights the career of a prospector who, through many years of hard work, has significantly contributed to the development of prospecting and mineral exploration in Quebec.