After many years of consideration and consultation, the QMEA initiated a innovative and collaborative project entitled "Certification according to the principles of sustainable development".

The objective of the latter is to promote widespread application of environmental, social and economic best practices in the mineral exploration industry. This project helps QMEA members to share best practices and promote them to all stakeholders in the sector.

UL ECOLOGO® certification for mineral exploration

The adherence of companies to the standard is a major asset for the industry in its accountability and social responsibility initiatives. The certification program represents a source of relevant and independently validated information and fuels corporate communications about the impacts, spinoffs and benefits of industry activities.

The Standard applies to companies working in mineral exploration in Quebec and wish to be recognized for their application of good sustainable development practices. Compliance with the requirements of a standard promotes strategic planning and risk management. Certified companies are better prepared in the event of legislative change and benefit from better relations with the various stakeholders, which promotes the social acceptability of projects and helps to reduce delays related to their activities.

Program description

The certification program is adapted to the mineral development process, which involves three main stages with varying degrees of environmental and community impact: prospection, exploration, and development. The requirements of the standard may vary depending on the nature of the work performed by the company. Full audits could occur every three years, followed by partial audits in the two subsequent years. The scope and duration of audits will vary depending on the type of business (small / large / service provider) and level of readiness.


A trusted name in third-party testing and certification for 100 years in Canada, UL is a science-based testing, inspection and certification company with expertise in developing Standards and certifying against those Standards. Third-party certifications from UL demonstrate integrity of claims and can add more value to your brand.


To facilitate companies’ adherence to the UL ECOLOGO® certification, the QMEA offers a bilingual coaching program adapted to the industry’s needs which includes:

  35 hours of personalized support

  Comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Guide

  Unlimited access to the CORE Web Platform

•  ESG report generation

•  Communication Toolbox