QMEA launches its ECOLOGO promotional campaign

22 October 2020

Today, sustainable development is part of everything. It’s a factor in all parts of society, and every project needs to be designed and executed with it in mind. For mining exploration companies and their service providers, that means applying social, environmental, and economic best practices. To that end, the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (QMEA) supports the responsible development of mineral resources in Quebec.


The certification

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is responsible for publishing and maintaining the certification, as well as certifying companies. UL is an independent non-governmental organization that is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

With a mission of public safety, UL has been developing standards since 1903. It has published more than 1600 standards worldwide and maintains 75 standards related to sustainable development and the environment.



The QMEA has designed a support program and developed an online platform to encourage companies to become certified. It provides customized support to all companies that join the ECOLOGO program, helping them prepare for UL’s independent and external audit. The policies, procedures, and documentation needed to meet the certification requirements are prepared and collected on the CORE online platform (, a management tool designed with companies’ business logic in mind. Once the company passes the audit, the QMEA provides further support for the ongoing internal management of their certification.


ECOLOGO-certified companies enjoy a number of advantages:

  • Thorough application of social, environmental, and economic best practices
  • Improved investor confidence and availability of financial leverage
  • Better relationships with stakeholders and access to land
  • Improved strategic planning and risk management
  • Better preparation for stricter legislation
  • Promotion of Quebec’s mineral industry on an international scale



The QMEA has also developed a toolbox to support certified companies. It lets them highlight the advantages of their certification, promote their efforts to stakeholders, and more easily expand their services inter-provincially and internationally.


What’s next?

Today, some 20 companies have started the ECOLOGO certification process. Of those, four are officially certified and others are currently being audited by UL. The QMEA has launched the “I CHOOSE” promotional campaign to recognize the efforts of these companies.

  • CHOOSE ECOLOGO certification for mining exploration
  • CHOOSE to respect our environment
  • CHOOSE to be a responsible industry
  • CHOOSE to invest sustainably
  • CHOOSE to protect our future

The I CHOOSE campaign celebrates companies’ sustainable development efforts in the mining exploration industry.



Click here to learn more about the QMEA’s support program.


UL certification program


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