How to Prepare for Xplor

1 September 2022

Updated on June 21, 2023

The Xplor convention is just around the corner! Soon, we’ll be getting together to network, learn about the latest developments in various projects and prepare for the future of Quebec’s mineral industry. Whether you’re an exhibitor, a partner, or a participant, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the event!


As an exhibitor, you’re a major player in the convention! Your participation is highly anticipated and takes a lot of planning.

Haven’t reserved a booth yet? Find out if there are still spaces available on the interactive exhibition floor map.

1. Book rooms

The first thing to do is to book accommodation for your team. Don’t wait too long—the rooms are filling up fast and the deadline is approaching!

2. Set your goals

The next important thing is to establish why you’re taking part in the convention. What are your goals? Are you hoping to grow your customer base? Network? Introduce new products or services?
Setting your intentions will guide the rest of your preparations. You’ll also need to inform your convention team of your goals so they can prepare properly.

3. Decorate

Your booth’s appearance makes a big impression. It’s your chance to enhance your image and represent your brand. It’s standard to bring a backdrop for your booth, as well as accessories like tablecloths and a roll-up showing your products or services. Your team members should also have physical and/or digital business cards to hand out during the event.

Have you thought about asking them to dress in your company colours, too? It’s a great way to stand out on the show floor; they’ll be identifiable in and out of the booth for all 4 days of the convention.

4. Schedule

Don’t forget to schedule your time with the Xplor app! Talk to your teams about the Xplor lectures and workshops you’re interested in and plan your lunches and happy hours, making sure that you always have someone covering the booth.

5. Promote

The last thing on your list: announce that you’re going to be at Xplor! Visit our toolbox for email signatures, newsletters, and social media images to be able to let everyone know that you’ll be attending the convention.


As an Xplor partner, you’ll enjoy great visibility at the convention.

1. Attend

If you’re not an exhibitor, you can still attend as a guest to turn your visibility into business opportunities!

2. Promote

You can already start letting people know about our partnership on social media by engaging with the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association. You can also share our posts about Xplor’s partners.


Have you bought your tickets for Xplor? Let us give you some tips!

1. Book rooms

First of all, we recommend that you book your room as soon as possible, if you haven’t already done so. The convention is popular, so it’s good to plan ahead!

2. Schedule

Next, you’ll want to plan how you’re going to be spending your 4 days at Xplor. Once the program is released, pick out your top workshops and talks and figure out which booths you want to visit. The Xplor app is a great tool for managing your schedule. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead for lunches, dinners, or drinks with your clients and contacts. Make reservations if needed to avoid unpleasant surprises the day of.

3. Get ready to network

Depending on your goals, we recommend bringing physical or digital business cards to help with networking. Some companies also offer the chance to book meetings at Xplor. Follow the exhibitors you want to meet so you can check everything a few days before the event.

4. Wear comfortable shoes

These shoes are made for walkin’… or at least they should be! Our final tip for a successful Xplor convention: pack your most comfortable shoes so you can walk the entire show floor and enjoy the event to its fullest.

And that’s it! Now you’re ready for Xplor. See you in a few weeks! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and say you’ll be attending the event to keep up with the latest convention news.

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